What is the gospel? What is the purpose of the gospel? What is the goal of the gospel?

First, the basic meaning of the term gospel is good news, or glad tidings. If this definition can be understood and the actual meaning of the word gospel can be recognized and accepted, a good understanding of the teaching of Primitive Baptists might be recognized and appreciated.

In order for there to be any “good news” or “glad tidings” there must be some events to have taken place. The gospel must be based on some actual facts that have taken place. The gospel of salvation is the “good news” of salvation. The “good news” declares the wonderful success of the workings of the Triune God in achieving the actual factual salvation of the family of God.

There is much comfort to a child of God when he can believe the gospel (“good news”). However, the fact of salvation accomplished by the sovereign workings of God is a fact whether the report of it is ever made, or not. The preaching of the gospel (the announcing of the “good news” ) does not add anything to the actual work of salvation. The failure of the gospel (good news) to reach the elect does not negate the actual work of salvation.

The fact of salvation must be accomplished in order for there to be any “good news” to announce. Thus the purpose of the gospel is for information and knowledge concerning the facts of the actions of the Trinity.

The gospel has no power to transport the family of God from earth to heaven. The gospel was not designed for that purpose; the gospel was designed to give the information of who and what will provide that transportation from earth to heaven. The transportation will take place even for the members of the family of God who do not have the understanding of how it will take place. The design of the gospel is to provide information fhat will be helpful in giving understanding to a child of God while he lives here in the world. The simple point of the gospel is to remove ignorance and to impart knowledge and understanding.

The gospel makes a revelation of the righteousness of God as stated in Romans 1:17, and the gospel brings to light the life and immortality that a child of God must already possess before it is possible for that life and immortality to be shown. Therefore the gospel does not produce the life and immortality; it only reveals what is already there. (II Timothy 2:10)

When a person can understand the truth of the gospel he will experience a great timely deliverance. He will no longer ignorantly labor to establish his own righteousness as demonstated by Romans 10:1-4. He will recognize that his righteousness is actually in Christ and believing this will “save” him from the error of thinking that he must establish his own righteousnes. The gospel is the power to save from ignorance while one is still living in the “here and now”.

When one can understand the purpose of the gospel, he will see the actual importance of it. It is designed for the comfort and instruction of the family of God while they live in this world. The overwhelming majority of the family of God are in ignorance. The power of the gospel is to tell the children of God the truth and to deliver them from ignorance. The minister of the true gospel has a great task of letting the children of God know the “good news” of the accomplishments of Christ and to open their understanding to the work of the Holy Spirit in regeneration. The work of Christ and the work of the Holy Spirit is not dependent upon the proclamation of the gospel, but the knowledge and understanding of the children of God is increased by their appreciation of the truths of the gospel.

Wherever there is ignorance and lack of understanding of the “good news”, there is a field of labor for the gospel minister. His message of truth will not take anybody to heaven, but the message will tell of the One who will provide the transportation based upon the work of the Triune God. There is plenty of work to be done because there is much ignorance in all areas of this world, even in the supposed “Christian” countries.

In conclusion, please notice the work of the Triune God beautifully described in these words of scripture:

Ecclesiastes 3:14 “I know that, whatsoever God doeth, it shall be for ever: nothing can be put to it, nor any thing taken from it: and God doeth it, that men should fear before him.”

Another beautiful expression is found in this scripture:

Job 23:13 “But he is in one mind, and who can turn him? and what his soul desireth, even that he doeth.”

These are “gospel” words that bring “good news” and “glad tidings” to the family of God who need to know that the “warfare” has been accomplished.

Just read Isaiah 40 from beginning to end and relish the “good news” that brings comfort to those who are victorious through the grace of God. What a “power” to blast ignorance is found in the explosive dynamite of the gospel of Christ when delivered by a minister who has been called of God and sent to deliver it!!!